Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The last 8 months have been, well, blissful. Brian is still a dream baby - so sweet and full of love and constant cuddly hugs. He adores his big sister, Elmo, Barney and of course, his very own muppet Annie dog.

He takes swim classes hre in Plano, and we enjoy the backyard pool several evenings a week. He loves helping Mom and big sister feed the ducks at the local library pond. He loves Little Gym and playing with Travis, Dustin and Brit. He loves his GeeGee and comes running to her smiling when he sees her.

He enjoys going places and always loves to have his prime seat squarely on my left hip. His laughter and giggles are so adorable - I'll never forget the sound! He honks Mama's horn (pinches my nose), can never get enough of "ride a little pony" and thinks Chuck E. Cheese's is so much fun!

He eats everything under the sun. 10 teeth now and counting! He went through a biting phase for a couple of weeks, but thank goodness he isn't doing that anymore. He says Mama and Thank you. He got down crawling last week, started breathing heavy and crawling around behind the dog acting like her. Precious. We are working on him saying Jordan or sister, but he's not there yet.

He can sign many things - "more", "please", and "thankyou" and uses them appropriately. He loves to knock down blocks and bath time rings in laughter and smiles. He goes to bed easily, sleeps all night and has just been a dream baby. I sure do love my little boy!

What a blessing from God.


P.S. This closes out the Bac Ninh for Baby Brian blog. Stay tned to my Facebook page for the next Montgomery Family blog. We have many adventures ahead! Thanks for reading and for all the warm wishes and love shown to us. God Bless You!

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